Investing In Your Future

Simply put, our goal is to bring institutional quality investment strategies and products to Canadian investors.
Throughout Canada, the majority of investment portfolios are largely comprised of traditional assets including mutual funds, GICs and bonds. Historically, these assets have performed well largely due to declining interest rates, lower inflation and strong global GDP growth. However, as these trends begin to weaken/reverse, it’s widely anticipated the performance of traditional assets will follow suit. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Canadian investors need to consider alternative investments to complement their portfolios and enhance returns. It’s time for investors to make the changes that many institutional investors have successfully adopted – and this is where we come in!

Offering More

At MFG, we’ve secured the highest licensing in the industry so as to offer our clients the widest possible range of investment options. We can marry traditional asset classes with alternative investment strategies; likewise, we can partner institutional-type funds with our own in-house offerings. From private equity to ETFs (and everything in between), we’re able to source out the asset mix most suited to meet our investors’ goals. Additionally, we are fully agnostic - There is no mother company or dealer endorsing the sale of a certain issuance over others.

When your product shelf is not limited by licensing restrictions or a sponsoring entity, the result is a truly diversified, fully customized, wealth management solution.

Portfolio Construction

By investing in a variety of asset classes we look to protect and grow our clients’ portfolios in all types of markets.


Achieve domestic and global exposure to the world's best companies, markets or sectors. Accessible through individual stock positions or through managed pools of capital. All of your traditional investment vehicles as well of many other focused or hybrid strategies. Liquidity is easy to achieve.

Fixed Income

Predictable returns through structured debt instruments. Many forms of fixed income are available to help achieve steady cash flow for investors including, but not limited to, mortgages, notes, debentures and bonds.

Real Estate

One of the world's oldest asset classes and a great tool for portfolio diversification, especially given the potential for return. These are tangible, physical assets making it easy for all investors to understand and there are countless way of investing (directly or indirectly, pools or asset specific, etc.)

Alternative Strategies

These investments have the potential for growth in all types of market conditions given their low correlation to equity and bond indices. The most common strategies include private equity, hedge funds, managed futures and commodities.


Assess risk and reap rewards through tax strategies, flow through offerings, insurance structures and more.

Portfolio Design

Each portfolio is unique, because each MFG client is unique. We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can truly understand their financial objectives. We then design a customized investment portfolio that fits both their individual goals, as well as their defined suitability parameters. The weighting of each asset class and the combination of investment products can vary for each client. What will your portfolio look like?

Are you ready to start investing differently?

Let us design an investment portfolio that’s right for you.