Western Investment Properties

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Company Overview

Western Investment Properties (WIP) is a portfolio apartment rental company focused on the purchase of apartment buildings in greater Vancouver. WIP has a long track record of successful apartment funds and has been the largest purchaser of apartment buildings in greater Vancouver for the last four years.

Partnership with MFG

MFG’s relationship with WIP dates back to 2010.  Since then, MFG has been consistently raising capital for WIP, while providing investors an opportunity to participate alongside the most active buyer of apartment buildings in greater Vancouver.

National Bank Correspondent Network


Company Overview

Brochure available by clicking here.

Partnership with MFG

NBCN has been providing custodial services to MFG since 2013. As a Portfolio Manager, MFG utilizes NBCN to offer its clients a full range of investments products and account types, as well as leading-edge trading platforms and monthly reporting.

Picton Mahoney Asset Management


Company Overview

Picton Mahoney Asset Management was founded in 2004 to provide unique investment solutions to institutional, retail and high net worth investors in Canada and around the world. We are 100% employee owned and now manage approximately $9 billion in sub-advisory, pension plan and hedge fund assets on behalf of our clients. We believe there is a growing need for new solutions to help investors build stronger portfolios to deal with the turbulent forces buffeting capital markets around the world.

Picton Mahoney has always had a strong commitment to research, development and innovation in our investment process and in the products we offer to our clients. We are unique in our blend of the art and science required to be successful in today’s constantly changing investment environments. Our fundamental analysts are experts in their core sector specialties while our quantitative researchers are focused on developing cutting edge technology to boost our investment process. Of our 64 employees, 32 of them are directly involved in security selection and portfolio construction while another 6 of them are part of our investment technology infrastructure team. We also pride ourselves on our institutional grade compliance processes that we continuously strive to improve upon.

Partnership with MFG

By partnering with Picton Mahoney, MFG is able to provide its clients with one of Canada’s premier alternative investment managers. They are a firm of investment professionals with expertise in areas such as Market Neutral investing and Long/Short strategies. Their people are world class and their strategies are a good compliment to client portfolios. This is one partnership that helps us provide an institutional type of portfolio to our clients.

JC Clark Investments


Company Overview

Founded in 2001, JC Clark Ltd. is a Toronto based independent investment firm that manages long/short equity portfolios on behalf of high net worth individuals and families, in addition to institutional investors and foundations.  We have developed and maintained relationships with our existing clients for decades. Our unique investment approach strives to both protect and grow capital through various market conditions.

The firm is committed to meeting the needs of our clients by aiming to preserve capital, attain outstanding risk-adjusted absolute returns, and by maintaining low correlations to the broad equity market indices whenever possible. By employing a unique value-based strategy that strives to deliver returns in all market conditions, we are able to offer our clients an attractive alternative to traditional funds whose returns may be highly dependent on overall equity market returns.  With this approach, we strive to better manage risk by insulating client portfolios from the vagaries and volatility of the general markets.

The principals of the firm have successfully executed alternative investment strategies for more than 15 years.  We believe that all clients should be focused on maximizing long-term absolute returns, rather than short-term relative returns. Collectively, JC Clark Ltd. principals and employees are among the largest investors in our funds.  This alignment of interests is a key element of a successful long-term relationship with our clients.

Partnership with MFG

By partnering with JC Clark, MFG is able to provide its clients access to a firm with an outstanding track record. They have delivered great return to their clients and more importantly have done it with an appropriate amount of risk. JC Clark gives our client portfolios another dimension risk diversification.

Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.


Company Overview

Founded in 1892, Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. is a life and health insurance company that offers a wide selection of life and health insurance products, savings and retirement plans, RRSPs, mutual and segregated funds, securities, auto and home insurance, mortgages, car loans and other financial products and services.

Partnership with MFG

MFG has had a long standing relationship with Industrial Alliance, providing our firm with additional expertise in individual tax and estate planning, corporate strategies and other customized solutions.

Adventus Realty Trust


Company Overview

Adventus Realty Trust is a private Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) formed in early 2012. Adventus is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is focused on US income producing commercial real estate, in the suburban office market of Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia.

Adventus has acquired eight properties to date, with values totaling in excess of US $400 million, which gives us a portfolio of commercial real estate of approximately 2.6 million square feet. Adventus plans on acquiring additional properties and has gained a reputation as an active buyer in the suburban Chicago & Atlanta markets.

We focus on purchasing properties that are accretive to our unitholders, while minimizing financial and operational risk. Our properties have strong tenant covenants and long term leases with large and credit worthy corporations.

Our formula for acquiring properties is straight forward; in addition to the above, we only consider properties that we can buy at significantly below replacement cost, that can operate at a healthy profit margin and have realistic potential to appreciate in value as the market gains strength.

Partnership with MFG

By partnering with Adventus, MFG is able to provide its clients with the ability to invest in US income-producing office buildings. MFG and its clients investments in Adventus has helped the company gain a reputation as an active buyer in the suburban Chicago market.

Financial Horizons


Company Overview

As a Managing General Agency (MGA), Financial Horizons Group is appointed by insurance companies to distribute their products and services, through independent financial advisors.  Financial Horizons Group is a leading, national MGA that provides a broad array of life, health, employee benefits, pension, investments, structured settlements, and risk management products and services to financial advisors.

Partnership with MFG

The commitment from Financial Horizons is to provide the resources, products, services and support for all of MFG’s insurance needs. We rely on Financial Horizons to provide us with the most current industry information allowing our advisors to focus on their clients in a continuously changing industry.

Rockspring Capital


Company Overview

Founded in 1973, Rockspring Capital is a Houston-based real estate private equity firm whose strategy is to acquire opportunistic land parcels and residential lots with all-cash in high growth areas within the Texas Triangle – Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Known as the Texas Land Experts, the Rockspring Capital Team also makes special situation bridge loans and note purchases on land related assets.  Its investment partners include public pension plans, wealth managers, endowments, foundations, family offices and high net-worth individuals.

Partnership with MFG

By partnering with Rockspring, MFG is able to provide its clients with the ability to invest in Texas focused real estate.  In markets such as Texas, MFG felt it necessary to have a local partner with expertise.  MFG clients invested in Rockspring’s first Canadian investment offering.

Canadian Western Trust


Company Overview

Canadian Western Trust (CWT) offers innovative products and excellent services on a full range of trustee, custody and record-keeping services. They have been providing pension, trustee and custodial solutions to clients across Canada for nearly 30 years. With two distinct lines of business – Individual Retirement Investment Services (IRIS) and Corporate and Group Services (CGS) – the financial advisors, corporations and individuals they work with trust they’ll get the solutions they need while receiving customized, responsive service.  CWT manages over 50,000 Trust accounts with assets over $9.1 billion and is part of the Canadian Western Bank Group.

Partnership with MFG

MFG joined forces with CWT in early 2013. Our relationship with CWT allows MFG (as Portfolio Managers) the flexibility of non-registered and registered account services built around unique offerings and individual brands. Our like-minded approach to business relations has resulted in a strong partnership between the two firms.