Alignvest Student Housing- Management Report

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MARCH 31, 2023

We are pleased to send you Alignvest Student Housing Real Estate Investment Trust’s Q1 2023 Management Report.

Despite the continuing volatility in both the equity and debt markets, our fair market value has remained stable and is starting to show growth due to our strong operating performance and our portfolio’s NOI growth in 2023. Our REIT’s performance speaks for itself – as of March 31, 2023, our privately managed portfolio is over 99% occupied, and as of May 5, 2023, is ~85% pre-leased for September 2023 at rates that exceed our budgets. We are building an attractive gap-to-market in rents of over $6 million, which bodes for well continued growth in 2024 and beyond.

As part of our continuing growth, we have increased our disclosure this quarter by providing comparative financial and operating metrics, as well as quarterly financials, which provides investors with enhanced tools to evaluate our performance. We are also pleased to announce the release of our 2023 ESG Report, which incorporates reporting on our Greenhouse Gas emissions. Below are the links to our Q1 2023 Financial Statements and ESG Report.

Below is the link to our Management Report. Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

Q1 2023 Management Report


Q1 2023 Financial Statements


2022 Audited Financial Statements


2023 ESG Report











Pictured above is See-More, our newest acquisition located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Throughout the due diligence process, our team analyzed the Environmental and Social components of the building in relation to our overall ESG strategy. The rooftop solar panel installation feeds directly into the domestic hot water and offsets the energy in all common areas of the building. This contributes to our goal of lowering our GHG emissions and sourcing non-emitting sources of energy. The art installation on the exterior wall is inspired by Mi’kmaw traditional porcupine quill work, petroglyphs, weavings, and other aspects of the local indigenous culture. The sentiment of the art speaks to the welcoming environment we want to create for our students; one that is inclusive, safe and also fun!